Mountain bikes need to know


Hardly a bicycle variant is as popular as the mountain bike. From the first off-road bikes of the early 1970s, the Mountain Bike has become a true high-tech all-rounder. But what makes the bike with the wide tires so special? Should you even buy a new mountain bike? Well, here are a few reasons for why buying a new mountain bike could be a great idea.

All-terrain vehicle

Whether rocky mountain trails, dusty gravel roads or fast downhill action – no terrain is too heavy for mountain bikers. Already in the 1970s, ingenious bicycle freaks tinkered with their bikes in California, USA, until they also functioned off the beaten track.

Mountain biking is more exciting

Hours of cycling on asphalt roads – boredom can quickly arise. It is exciting and, above all, more varied to venture into unexplored terrain together with a bike. Whether mountain, forest or desert, away from the paved paths, the mountain bike can really show what it has on it. Instead of monotonous duration cycling, it goes along tight curves and steep descents on stick and stone. In addition to lots of fun and action, you can also get to a place in nature that you might never have seen otherwise.

Mountain bikes are fully-loaded

Disc brake, 24-gear shift, suspension fork, carbon frame – the off-road bike has long been no longer just a simple bike with tires, frame, and pedals. The current bikes are high-tech devices, with providers constantly trying to outperform with technical innovations. For techies and inventors, these are paradisiacal states. If the market is booming, the offer is huge too – whoever enjoys assembling their own bike is no longer just dependent on factory-ready models, but can put together their own bike too.

You can do tricks on this bike

Bunny hops, drops or back flips – these peculiar terms are a tiny part of the bag of tricks that opens the mountain bike. In contrast to the road bike, the off-road bike is recognized sports equipment that even has its own discipline at the Olympic Games. No other twist on the bike offers such a wide variety of tricks.

Mountain biking is for everyone

Whether adrenalin-charged mountain bike professional or old beginner – mountain biking is suitable for all ages and levels of performance. Especially with knee or hip complaints, cycling at different intensities can even have a positive effect. The joints are spared and the muscles are built up. In addition, cycling is easy to learn.

Lightweight mountain bikes are available

The transport problem of the bike is no more. Today’s mountain bikes are compact and ultra-light; around the ten kilograms is the benchmark. Mostly they can be fixed on the car in a few simple steps. Bulky roof racks and wobbly bikes, where one constantly looks out of concern in the rear-view mirror, are a thing of the past.

Mountain bikes look amazing

In addition to its variety and excellent driving characteristics, the mountain bike also has a further point: its appearance. Powerful frame, 26-inch tires with a fat profile and plenty of technology on the handlebar – these bikes look awesome.

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