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There are two kinds of bikes. The one you prefer to use in the mountains, and the one you enjoy when you’re on the road. The road mountain bikes are much lighter in weight and have fine handlebars which give its rider a sleeker smooth position. Now, in this article, we are going to assess every part of your favorite bike to know more about them, for us to truly know their value which can be a great help for us to determine a quality part when buying one.

Road bikes mostly use the caliper brakes that have a shape of a horseshoe to hold the pads for the brake which is located near the rim of the wheel. And the caliper brakes are commonly used in road bikes are dual-pivot brakes that are weighty than the standard although it offers much higher quality and is an advantage. Installing the brake is not very difficult to learn, and you can browse the internet for step-by-step procedures on how to do it by yourself.

Freewheels and Cassettes
Though the two terms are interchangeable, those aren’t considered to be the same. Freewheels for threaded hubs which commonly five to seven speeds while cassettes are for seven to ten speeds. Freewheels’ extractor splines do not turn when sprockets are spun backward while cassettes don’t have a problem like that and have many distinctive bulges on the right end of the hub barrel. While they have are some differences, both are sprockets that attach to the hub on the rear wheel of the bike. Cassettes have variety of colors which you could choose from when buying this part.

A part that transfers the power from pushing the pedal to your wheel which is also named as chainwheels. For the road bikes, it has a typical 0.094inch’ width that can be removed and changed by simply taking out the bolts though cheaper bikes have chainrings that are welded on the crank arms to prevent it from being unattached from it.

Bottom Brackets and Cranksets
It is one of the parts that attach the pedal and chainring. It is typically made of steel, carbon fiber, aluminum alloy or titanium. If you’re looking for the best companies which produce this kind of part, then Campagnolo, Sram, and Shimano are a few to be named.

For road bikes, handlebars are shaped vertical with curved C-shaped bending underneath the handlebars. Also, you can add the tape to it to give a more intensified grip and to protect the bike from elements.

The Pedals
The pedal of the bike is one of its important parts for it to function well. It is where you put your foot on to move the bike forward. It often has straps or toe clips permits you to connect your shoe to create or trigger more power to each push or cycle.

Using a mountain bikes for transportation is like hitting two birds with just a single stone. Why? It allows you to do your light exercise—even a heavy one if you insist, and at the same time gets you to the place where you want to be aside from the perks of saving some gas or the money you pay for it. There are more mountain bikes parts which needed your assessment although the parts mentioned above are the essential parts which you needed in determining a good bike and having a great ride.

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